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Big News: Big Ecru Puzzles Changed to Wood Boxes

We are very eager to announce a change in our packaging: big Ecru puzzles will start being boxed in our standard 2" wooden box!

As of today, we will no longer be packing new Ecru puzzles in big silver cardboard boxes anymore. 
Instead, they will come in the same wooden boxes we use for Artifact Puzzles: unfinished pine with a sliding lid. 
The first Ecru Puzzles to see this change are:
Sunset on Old Montauk Highway is a colorful 282-piece puzzle that will soon be in stock. The Bookkeeper was first released in the beginning of 2020, and a second batch will be coming soon in the wooden box.

These puzzles will include the same side-label engraving that we recently introduced for Artifact Puzzle boxes:
  1. title,
  2. artist name,
  3. piece count, 
  4. the Ecru logo
Disclaimer: There are currently many big Ecru puzzles already in-stock that are still in the large silver box. Once those have sold out, we will transition them to the wood boxes.
To know which puzzles have transitioned to the wood box - check the packaging photo in the product listing.
We are so excited for you to get some Ecru Puzzles, in the new packaging, into your collection!

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