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New Big and Hard Puzzles Coming Soon!

We're coming out with more big (250-500 pieces) and hard puzzles soon - here's some info on which new big puzzles to expect when and their piece counts and irregular edges.

Note our policy is to "hide" how irregular edges look for the first few months a puzzle is out, to give those of you who prefer to be surprised (but we always note it in the product description!), but eventually the product image will show the irregular edge for people who prefer to see exactly what they're getting.

Click through the link if you'd like to get an email when any of these gets into stock!

APAK Celebrating Nature: 412 pieces (fun irregular edge!) - in stock in 0-3 weeks 

Dany Paragouteva's Magic Carpet: 305 pieces (cool split tendril connectors and whimsies) - in stock in 0-3 weeks 

Jim Flora's Chioggia: 359 pieces (chaotic irregular edge) - in stock in 0-3 weeks

Matt Lyon's Monastery: over 450 pieces; incredible irregular edge - in stock mid-January

Gavin Watson Creature Comforts: over 250 pieces - so many great dog whimsies - in stock in mid-Jan

Tomasz Pietrzyk Sailing Ship:  around 270 pieces -  spring 2018

Randall Spangler Fireside Tales: around 350 pieces - spring 2018

Karla Gerard Night Song: around 270 pieces  - spring 2018



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