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Mystery Puzzle 5 Revealed! Franz Marc Cat (138 pieces)

We're unmasking Mystery Puzzle #5 - Franz Marc's Cat:

Note this puzzle is pretty hard because the pieces are mostly not unique, and the pieces are extra big and fancy.

Most of Franz Marc's work focused on animals in their natural habitat, examples includes portrays of cats sleeping and grooming. He expressed meaning through his work, by using simple and primary colors.  

Marc was friends with August Macke, who were both key figures in the German Expressionist movement. Macke's work considered of simplistic forms and color to create vibrant landscapes, portraits, and figurative scenes.

Neue Galerie New York had a great exhibition of both their works in late 2018 through January 2019. They created this video on the two artists:
Marc and Macke paved the way for future art movements and their influence are still seen today. Explore more of their art work through our puzzles by Franz Marc and August Macke.

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