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More New Ecru Mystery Puzzles Are Here!

We just got another three new Ecru Mystery Puzzles in-stock, and the new Ecru Monet Springtime should be in-stock in another week. 

The mystery puzzles are for people who enjoy surprises and want a bit more challenge for the piece count, as you don't have any idea what image you're putting together until it emerges!  This used to be how jigsaw puzzles were sold way back when (see Anne Williams book for more jigsaw puzzle history).

We'll re-release these showing the product images in a couple months for people who don't like suprises!

Mystery Puzzle 6 is a delightful romp and good for family time with lots of different colors and patterns for everyone to search for. It's 355 pieces and has a Mim time of 5 hours and 20 minutes, which makes it relaxing fun.  

Mystery Puzzle 7 is a mini puzzle with just 89 mostly hexagonal pieces. It's got intricate connectors and a few whimsies, and is really just a fun little thing if you need a break to look forward to, or want a do puzzle to do on a plane trip (see our advice on  how to enjoy puzzles on planes):


If you like a bit of a challenge, Mystery Puzzle 5 has stunning colors and and cool pieces by Tara Flannery that will light up neurons all over your brain. There are only 138 pieces (and no whimsies!) but many of them are the same shape and can fit together any which way, so this is one of the hardest Ecru puzzles, with a normalized Mim time of 117 seconds/piece:

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