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More New Big Puzzles Coming Before Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a great time to put a big puzzle out for everyone to enjoy together, and a great way to decompress and re-center after all that family time!

We expect to get these 4 new big puzzles in-stock by Thanksgiving in case you need some fresh puzzles for the occasion - these masterworks will provide a fun shared experience, and spark conversations that have nothing to do with politics :). 

Click the links below if you'd like to be notified by email when one of these gets into-stock:

Paul Bond The Yogi:  Family-friendly neo-surrealism by Oregon painter Paul Bond, this puzzle features amusing themed whimsies by puzzle designer Jef Bambas, and comfortable square-ish pieces with a variety of connector shapes.  An excellent choice for fun for everyone.

Click here to get notified once The Yogi is in-stock.


Bruce Riley Half Life: Organic, intriguing, and eye-catchingly colorful, this playful puzzle design by Tara Flannery is as artistic and fun as the image. Great for group puzzling. 

Click here to get notified once Half Life is in-stock.


Paul Bond Ode to a Zen Koan: Delightful puzzling that will intrigue tweens and up, with Chinese-themed whimsies by puzzle designer David Figueras. The puzzle pieces have split-tendril connectors that do take a little getting used to, but they provide surprise and delight, and the puzzle is overall well-suited to group puzzling due to different color regions.

Click here to get notified once Zen Koan is in-stock.

Van Gogh Two Figures in the Undergrowth: This rich and challenging split-tendril-connector design is for serious puzzlers, with a number of forest-themed and Van Gogh themed whimsies by three of our puzzle artists (David Figueras, Tara Flannery and Jef Bambas) to help you find your way.

Click here to get notified once Two Figures is in-stock.

Find other great choices for family puzzling in our 250+ piece section , or if your family is seriously into puzzling or gathering for the weekend, our 400+ piece section.

But there are also a lot of more-affordable great choices for groups in 90-250 pieces that are more compelling if your guests aren't avid puzzlers, we especially recommend for group/family puzzling:

Circle of Time: $47


Computer Catastrophes: $40


Bikaner Elephants: $36

Kessel Butterflies: $34 (note this is hard because pieces can fit anywhere...)



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