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Meet Ginger the Rescue Dog

Here's our latest puzzle-piece-crunching dog!
Ginger is a 2 1/2 year old Lab/Hound mix. Ginger and her 6 litter-mates were abandoned on a Tennessee mountainside when they were only about 4 months old. The litter of puppies eventually made their way to Massachusetts with the help of the many dedicated people at Shultz’s Guest House.
However, Ginger's original name was "Grumpy." And that probably didn't help her get adopted!  Nominative determinism - it's a thing!
She spent six long months in the rescue shelter, before Ginger eventually found her way to Brian and Sue's home in 2018 where she was re-named the much more suitable "Ginger." She spent a year living with them, and learning to love people when Ginger finally won over Brian and Sue and they adopted her in 2019. Here she is, looking loved!
However, Ginger got herself into a bit of trouble by crunching on our puzzle pieces - please remember that puzzle pieces are not meant for dogs, no matter how interested they may be in them.
If they do eat a piece (or area), email us and we'll try to get you a replacement piece(s).
First pieces free, but if it happens repeatedly, we'll ask for $10-15 to cover costs.

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