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Mabel enjoyed the new Paul Bond puzzle too

Mabel is a Sato rescue from Puerto Rico, and just turned a year old. According to her doggy DNA she has 13 different breeds in her. 

Mabel's favorite hobbies are taking toys away from her brother Monty, borrowing her humans clothes to sleep with, and performing "surgery" on all stuffed toys to remove their squeakers.

Mabel knows not to grab stuff from the table, but in a classic cat-gets-dog-in-trouble incident, the cat knocked a puzzle piece from the new Paul Bond Interpretations of Home puzzle off the table, so puppy Mabel thought it must be fair game and had at it - see if you can guess which piece Mabel enjoyed:

Luckily we were able to replace the piece Mabel chewed, but if you have a dog, keep in mind they LOVE the satisfying crunch of puzzle pieces and watch for dropped pieces!

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