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Karla Gerard's Coloring Book!

Let's all face it, Karla Gerard's work would be beautiful in any and all colors! We've got a few different puzzles with Karla Gerard's folks-art cheer, and now she's got a coloring book out entitled Fanciful Folk Art. It features a collection of over 45 of Gerard's playful illustrations. Here's the colorful front cover:

Her abstract whimsical style makes coloring all these pages fun for humans of all ages. Really though, what can possibly be more delightful than Karla Gerard's work being lit up with the colors of your choice?  Here's the back cover of her book with a great example of what to expect within:

Buy it here on Amazon: Fanciful Folk Art by Karla Gerard

And if you can't get enough of her here are the puzzles we make featuring her artwork: Artist: Gerard, Karla.

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