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Join Us in Sending Medical Supplies to Ukraine

We are donating $10 for emergency medical supplies for Ukraine for each new Swordfight Puzzle sold by March 31st, 2022.  

Swordfight is our newest puzzle by Ukrainian painter Valentin Rekunenko.

It is a colorful battle of cats and swordsmen in conflicting frames:

Here's a couple close-ups:

Puzzle designer Matt Lyon threw in some great whimsies reflecting the fun stuff in the image, like this swordsman:

To keep the focus on this highly-detailed image, puzzle designer Matt Lyon gave it square-ish pieces and just three distinct connector shapes (non-unique connectors), so pieces can fit just about anywhere. 

But don't worry, the highly-detailed image makes it easy to tell if you have the right pieces together:

We'll be sending our donation to Direct Relief, a highly-regarded non-profit based in California that has vast experience in sourcing and delivering emergency medical supplies for humanitarian crises. 

This puzzle will start shipping next Friday March 11, but you can buy it now.

Here's link if you'd like to donate directly to Direct Relief

You can see all our Valentin Rekunenko puzzles here.

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