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Introducing BCB Puzzles, Hand-cut in Indiana

We're excited to be partnering with BCB Puzzles, a tiny family business in Indiana that hand-cuts some of the world's best jigsaw puzzles.

Brookie uses a jig saw to cut these jigsaw puzzles out of an extra thick mahogany wood. 

Her mom Kaaren designs a lot of the artwork. 

BCB Puzzles are some of the best jigsaw puzzles in the world, with tightly-interlocking pieces (she uses a really, really thin blade!) and fun designs.

One thing that hand-cutters can do that is hard for laser-cutters is color-line cutting, where you cut right along the lines between colors, making for a more difficult puzzle. 

For example, their porcelain cat puzzle cuts out a bunch of cats in the image as whimsies, which makes for some extra cuteness and challenge:

Here are some of the color-line cut whimsies from that one:

And 4 of the 5 BCB Puzzles we are selling are in her bamboozled style, which is similar to the Stave Teaser puzzles in that first you put together a frame of pieces, and then you have to figure out how the whimsy pieces fit in, but there are lots of drop-outs so it can be rather a good challenge.

For example, here's what the frame looks like for Grannys Attic:

And somehow you have to get this jumble of whimsies to fit!


Here's a picture of her newest bamboozled puzzle design Under The Sea:

We asked Brookie to rank the 4 bamboozled puzzles we have easiest to hardest, and she tells us:

  1. Smellin Good - most find this a relaxing bit of fun
  2. Granny’s Attic - a good challenge for most people
  3. Under The Sea - might seem hard
  4. Hat Shoppe - some people never do get this one together!

Generally the BCB bamboozled puzzles are considered a bit easier than the average Stave teaser puzzle, but that Hat Shoppe one is really darn hard. 

Usually top hand-cut puzzles like this have to be custom-ordered and you wait maybe weeks. But you can now buy these 5 BCB puzzles anytime from our website with free shipping and get them in a week or so, or pay for priority shipping and get them in 2-3 days.


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