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Interview with Painter Kathryn Freeman

We recently released our newest Kathryn Freeman puzzle, the beautiful Forest Nocturne (below), and thought we'd share with you some Q&A with Kathryn.

Maya: How did the painting Forest Nocturne come to be?    
Kathryn: Forest Nocturne was one of a series of paintings I did called "Stories from the Woods". I love walking in the woods and as a child I grew up spending a lot of time playing in the woods. They have always felt magical to me. 
Maya: I find your paintings are very peaceful and soporific, with sleeping lions and well-behaved dogs and children. Is that purposeful?
Kathryn: I try to evoke a feeling of peace and calm for the person who looks at it or metaphorically enters the space.  I feel like we all need that. There is so much divisiveness, cruelty, disrespect and upheaval in the world, I want my paintings to be an antidote to the poison.
Maya: What's your favorite painting you've painted and why?
Kathryn: It is very hard for me to pick a favorite painting. I guess the ones where I get closest to the feeling I'm trying to evoke are my favorites. "Sanctuary" which I finished early in the pandemic is one of those.
Maya: You've got a unique style to your artwork, both in choice of imagery and palette, is that something that just happened or you tried to develop a unique style?
Kathryn: You can't force a style. I think my style has grown out of the art I love through the entire history of art, my passions in life, and a whole lot of hours spent drawing and painting.
Maya: Any advice to share for other artists? 
Kathyrn: My advice to anyone pursuing a creative career is to just put your head down and work. And spend time reflecting on paintings, films, etc that speak to you. 
Maya: Have you done any of the puzzles we've made of your artwork? If so, what did you think? 
Kathryn: I did Artifact's Lullaby for Lions puzzle - it was strangely familiar and oddly difficult! 
Thanks Kathryn! 
You can see more of Kathryn's whimsical and beautiful surreal artwork one her website, follow her recent work on her blog at
We'll have one more fun Kathryn Freeman puzzle out this year called Literary Dogs (not listed yet, coming probably late summer).

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