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Coming Imminently! New Kevin Sloan The Worrier Puzzle

This new Kevin Sloan puzzle will be around 425 pieces and should be available online in 1-10 days:

Tara and I had to do some deep thinking on the puzzle design for this one. We wanted to reflect the "Worrier" theme, but without adding any negative energy to a relaxing puzzle experience.

Well, I've discovered for myself there's a fine line between anxiety and excitement, and that if you can re-frame worry and anxiety as excitement, then Life is a lot more fun. 

Apparently I'm not the only one to think this - there's a recent book out called the Upside of Stress  that claims science is showing it's not stress itself that is bad for us, but thinking stress is bad for us is bad for us. 

McGonigal goes on to argue that it's actually great for us if we can perceive our daily stresses as challenges and stimulation and the necessary battle that helps our lives have meaning and helps us bond with each other and feel our humanity.  

(The book by the way is great, but pretty well-summarized by that last sentence, so decide for yourself if you need the book-length version of that sentence). 

So we took that attitude with our design of whimsies for this puzzle, focusing on the positive aspects of worry rather than the negative.  I'd tell you more but I don't want to ruin the surprises :).

Okay, well, here's a bit of a sneak peek just so you can see if this puzzle is a good match for you - apart from the whimsies we went with a pretty stream-lined design so Kevin Sloan's great painting pops out nicely at the end. It's got a straight edge and knob connectors, and you can see the Mama Bear and her babies:



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