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How come it's not in-stock when you just emailed me it was back in-stock?

Folks, for our coming-soon puzzles, and our out-of-stock puzzles, you can ask to be emailed once they are in-stock. But sometimes you get that email, and you go to our webpage, and the puzzle isn't actually in-stock! 

We feel your frustration, and we think we've improved the way this works as of this morning. 

Here's what happens.  We make a batch of puzzles, and we send them to a fulfillment service that has a network of warehouse across the country to fill your orders. This is what a lot of small companies do because it's efficient, fulfillment services have better economies of scale, and can ship to you faster and more cheaply by having lots of warehouses everywhere.  Currently, we use amazon's fulfillment services, and that's convenient because the same warehouse also stocks-and-handles the orders for our puzzles from 

But for some reason once our box of fresh puzzles gets to the warehouse, instead of them opening the box and registering all 20 into their inventory system at once, they'll only register 1-5. This boggles my mind, as I have no idea what they are doing that makes that happen.

So then the puzzle will show up as in-stock, but there's only a couple in-stock, so if you're the 3rd person to get a notification, it might be out-of-stock again!  

To help fix this, we have just changed the email settings so it only notifies you if there are 10 puzzles actually in-stock. However, this means that sometimes the puzzle will be in-stock for a couple of days before you get an email notification. 

Also, Amazon's software is smarter than our website software, and Amazon can tell that a new puzzle has reached the warehouse and will be in-stock in a day or two. So amazon can show new puzzles as "available to buy" a day or two before our website does, but the costs are a little higher due to the extra fees for selling on amazon. 


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