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Hoefnagel Puzzle Club a great example of the Sharing Economy

Our Hoefnagel Puzzle Club, which is like old-school Netflix but for wooden jigsaw puzzles, is featured on Duke University Prof. Michael Munger's blog as his latest example of the wonders of the sharing-economy.

Sharing economy is a buzzword for getting more value out of the same set of goods (in our case, a bunch of wooden jigsaw puzzles) by sharing them. 

An ancient example is a library of books - everyone gets more value out of the same 1,000 books if they are shared rather than one person having them all. 

Newer examples are AirBnb enabling people to share their extra rooms with travellers, and Uber enabling people to share their cars.  

But making sharing work is complicated! It's happening now because we have the Internet, and as a species we're getting better at writing software that works (but 1/3 of software projects still fail miserably).

In fact, the custom software and AI we've built for our Hoefnagel Puzzle Club is surprisingly complex, but we'll get into that another post! 

Meanwhile, if you're curious, you can learn more about the Sharing Economy and the principles, ideas, and platforms behind it in Munger's book:


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