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Halloween Puzzles

Enjoy a spooky puzzle this Halloween! Here are some Halloween-appropriate options:

Mystery puzzle # 9 came out last year- it is a vintage spooky image, and while not too scary for kids, teens and adults will find it more interesting. Incredible Escheresque tessellation pieces by Jef Bambas.

New this year! The appropriately named mystery puzzle # 13  - in fact you may have noticed we have come out with mystery puzzles up as high as #21, but we saved the freaky #13 for this special macabre puzzle.  This puzzle is also not too scary for kids, but more suited for teens and adults. It's a thoughtful macabre image, and has non-unique connectors which make it harder than you'd expect for the low piece count.

First up is a classic Van Gogh painting-turned-puzzle: Smoking Skull. Most of the puzzle pieces are square with bone connectors, but there are some grim whimsies included as well.

Artifact Puzzles - Van Gogh Smoking Skull Wooden Jigsaw PuzzleArtifact Puzzles - Van Gogh Smoking Skull Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Less macabre and more fun Halloween fare appears in Justin Hillgrove's Imps and Monsters. This larger puzzle has a large number of whimsies depicting its namesake creatures and a variety of piece shapes altogether.

Artifact Puzzles - Justin Hillgrove Imps and Monsters Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

We have some similarly creepy-in-a-nice-way puzzles by artist Vikram Madan. Short-Lived Balloon has all-unique wicked pieces and whimsies (first picture below). Stop and Smell the Daisies, on the other hand, is filled with coffin-shaped pieces with daisy and bone connectors and spooky whimsies (second picture below).

Artifact Puzzles - Vikram Madan Short-Lived Balloon Wooden Jigsaw PuzzleArtifact Puzzles - Vikram Madan Stop and Smell the Daisies Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

There are also two Halloweeny mystery puzzles:


Finally, if you like owls, you should check out Owl Internet Cafe

Artifact Puzzles - Vladstudio Owl Internet Cafe Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy pre-emptive Halloween!

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