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Great New Irregular Edge Puzzles: Edges Will Be Revealed Early March- Be Surprised Now!

Some of you like to be surprised by our irregular edge puzzles, so when we first come out with them, we don't show the irregular edge in the product image.

But some of you dang well want to see what you're buying, so we like to eventually show the irregular edge as part of the product image.

So this is just an alert that in Early March we will be changing the product images for these new puzzles to reveal what their irregular edges look like:

Monastery  (one of my favorite irregular edges)

Strawberries (small, hard, satisfying)

Jim Flora's Jazz Quintet (pairs well with Charles Mingus Blues & Roots 1960)

APAK's Celebrating Nature (oh this one has a lot of green)

Abu Al-Hasan's Squirrels (most exquisite squirrels ever)

Jim Flora's Chioggia (Jim Flora does Italy!)

Hayley Lever Dancing Boats (uh, we might have gone a bit overboard on this one :))

Justin Hillgrove Word Travels South  (relaxing silly fun)

Jim Flora's Tenement K (R-rated for cartoon nudity and violence! Be warned!)



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