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Good News: Data Shows Robots Stealing Less Jobs Than Usual

There's been a lot of dystopic hype recently about how AI and robots (read: mechanization) are/will take jobs away from real people.

Is there really an upsurge in technology disrupting the job market?

Or, as expert/author Jerry Kaplan argues, is AI and Robotics simply the continuation of a centuries-old trend that slowly put horse grooms out-of-work and created gas station attendants?

Well, actual data by the ITIF suggests that, if anything, the rate of jobs being displaced by technological innovations has actually slown down.

This is a complex issue, and one where the numbers could be sliced-and-diced in various ways, so let's not take any single report as gospel, but it's refreshing to see some actual data and analysis on this, rather than just fear-mongering!

Here's a link to the complete, if not completely human-friendly, report.



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