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Do You Find Most Puzzle Images Too Cheerful?

Do you find most puzzle images too cheery? Too life-affirming? Too joyous?

Well, our new Saltimbanques puzzle (in-stock Sept 25th) may just be what you are looking for!

This 1888 painting by Spanish realist Fernand Pelez is also known as Grimaces Et Misère.  It's a circus scene, but one that has acid-washed away any sugar-coating, and instead focuses on the tough life of travelling performers: 

Puzzle designer Jef Bambas focuses your attention on the amazingly detailed misery of this painting with non-unique spade-shaped connectors, square-ish pieces, and circus whimsies.

Here's a sneak peek photo from the first batch:

Everyone agrees that the painter Pelez was incredibly talented, but wikipedia reports "Pelez was a commercial failure..."  Frankly, we're not betting on this puzzle being a best-seller either, but every once in a while we like to mix things up a bit with art that nods its head to that existential angst some of you want to face head on. Enjoy!

In-stock Sept 25th.


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