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Contest: Word Travels West Puzzle: Guess the 19 book whimsies

UPDATE: This contest has been won. See the future blog post for a list of all the whimsies.

We announced this contest mid-March to our Gazette email subscribers, but no one has won yet, so we're opening this contest up to all of our website customers.

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Our recent Justin Hillgrove 548 piece Word Travels West puzzle has whimsies that represent 19 famous books.

The first customer who emails us the names of all 19 famous books we had in mind to wins a puzzle of their choosing.


Some of the whimsies represent famous characters from a book series, in those cases, any book in the series will be counted as correct. 

We realize this puzzle is currently out-of-stock, making it hard to participate if you don't already own the puzzle. We'll try to get another batch of these in-stock in 2-4 weeks. 

No purchase necessary, but only one guess per customer email (that is, your email has to be registered with a customer account on our site). Offer open until someone wins - at which point, we’ll publish the list of 19 books on our blog.

If no one wins by August 31, 2020, we'll award the entry with the most correct guesses.

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Nathan U. who got 18 correct.
  • Brenda J., Mandy C. and Kylie S., who all got 17 correct out of the 19. Kudos also to Mandy C. and Kylie S. who also both got 17 correct. 
  • Anita & gang got 15 correct out of the 19 
  • Edith M. was in the lead for a while with 14 correct

Hey, Wait, Is This Even Solvable? I mean, like that pirate whimsy could represent various books... 

Yes this is solvable! While there are multiple reasonable answers, all 19 of the books we designed these whimsies to represent have been guessed, just not all of them by any single entry yet :). 

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