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Coming this Summerish: huge new Cosmic Beach Towel puzzle

Probably you have been asking yourself, "Why doesn't Artifact Puzzles have more great tattoo art?" 

Indeed, it's a notable gap in our portfolio! But no worries, we'll be coming out with this incredible image Cosmic Beach Towel by one of San Francisco's best tattooists Kahlil Rintye this summer.

Honestly, we have no idea why it's named that, but we know the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy recommends always carrying your own towel when adventuring afar, so a cosmic beach towel seems like just the thing. 

We're aiming for 500 pieces of puzzling joy, as there's a lot of rich detail on this image - here's a crop near the dragon's feet - can you spot the cosmic wizard controlling it all? 


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