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Check out Didero for personalized tv show and book recommendations

Xoogler Jim Muller and I (Maya, I run Artifact Puzzles, and am also a xoogler) have been working for over a year on a new website called Didero for browsing good tv shows and books and getting personalized recommendations. 

It's taken a while to make it awesome, but we're feeling like it's now pretty darn cool and useful, so we wanted to tell you about it.

For a while we didn't have enough great books and shows to browse, because rather than just regurgitate the often-lame plot summaries you find everywhere else on the Internet, we wanted professionally-written reviews for each book and tv show that would tell you what it was actually about, and hopefully save you the time of reading a bunch of customer reviews yourself to figure out if you're actually going to like it.

But now we've got a lot fantastic books and tv shows (with links to Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon, etc.).

In fact, it's so awesome and useful now, I'm interrupting our usual puzzle-heavy news on the Artifact blog to tell you about it.

And the best news is Didero is free to use for now.

Of course we'd love it if you subscribed (for a mere $5) and we'll store all your preferences and give you better recommendations, but for now you can enjoy most of the site for free. 

Try it and got feedback? Let us know what you think and what books and shows are your favorites!

Didero is named for Denis Diderot (pictured above), the French Enlightenment philosopher. But the url was taken already, and having a silent "t" at the end of your name is just confusing, so we shortened it to which luckily no one had bought yet!


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