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Grand Opening of Our New Rental Puzzle Club!

In an effort to get more great puzzles to more people during this pandemic, we've created a puzzle club to loan-out puzzles, it's called the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club in honor of the 16th century Flemish graphic artist Joris Hoefnagel.

The club is set-up a lot like old-school Netflix: you keep a list of which puzzles you'd like, and we'll send you 2-4 puzzles at a time from as close to the top of your list as we can. 

You get access to just about every 200+ piece puzzle we've ever made, including limited edition Merriam puzzles, the newest puzzles, and the really big ones.  

You can see all the puzzle packs we're currently offering and start crafting your puzzle list at

The club membership fee is $360 for a 12 month membership, and $195 for a 6 month membership. Plus, you pay $15 for shipping for each puzzle pack you finish with.

Example: renting 12 puzzles this year would cost $360 plus pay for the shipping of six packs (each with 2 puzzles) at $15 a pack for a total cost of $450.

Example: renting 6 puzzles this fall/winter would cost the $195 membership fee plus shipping fees for a total cost of $240. 

Learn more at!


Brought to you by Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Club LLC, registered in California in 2020.


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