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Celebrate Autumn with Our Fall Puzzles

Leaf your worries behind, and dive into the colors of fall! 1. Hues Of Zion Looking for a puzzle that'll put your skills to the test? Explore the wonders of the...

Leaf your worries behind, and dive into the colors of fall!

1. Hues Of Zion

Looking for a puzzle that'll put your skills to the test? Explore the wonders of the American Southwest through Erin Hanson's 'Hues of Zion,' complete with captivating tesselated pieces and themed whimsies. Prepare yourself for a genuine challenge – this puzzle is remarkably tough!

2. Owl Internet Cafe

Get captivated by VladStudio's 'Pixel-Art' masterpiece with this 204-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. Meticulously crafted with whimsical shapes inspired by nocturnal creatures, this puzzle, expertly designed by Maria Berg, presents an intriguing surprise along its blue-black edges, promising an enjoyable challenge for its piece count.

3. Autumn Egrets

Explore a 130-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle featuring a 15th-century Chinese "bird-and-flower" painting by Lu Ji. Designed by puzzle artist Maria Berg, this puzzle offers a delightful and relaxing experience for adults, complete with whimsical bird and Chinese character-shaped pieces. It has a straight edge and is moderately challenging, making it a perfect choice for leisurely afternoons.

4. Out for Adventure

This compact wooden puzzle depicts a bear family in a fall forest setting. With 82 pieces, it provides a mild challenge suitable for various age groups. The puzzle's shapes and patterns evoke a sense of adventure, and the enhanced colors compared to the original image add to its moderate difficulty.

5. Soft Maple In Autumn

Crafted by Stumpcraft Puzzles in Canada, the 408-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle is a stunning example of artistry. Made from 1/4” Eco Gold MDF with direct image printing, it showcases vibrant colors and a matte finish. Designed by owner Jasen Robillard, it features irregular piece shapes, thematic whimsies, and a moderate level of difficulty, making it a truly unique creation for puzzle enthusiasts.

6. Kawase Hasui Fall

Experience the beauty of "Fall" by Kawase Hasui in a whole new way with this 135-piece Ecru wooden jigsaw puzzle. Designed by Danny Song, it features a carefully crafted border structure and whimsical pieces that pay homage to Japanese culture, offering both art and challenge in one.

7. Four Trees

This 79-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle features the vibrant artwork "Four Trees" by the artist Egon Schiele. Unlike our typical puzzles, this one doesn't have connectors and comes with its own frame, designed by Jef Bambas. Due to its lack of connectors, it presents quite a challenge despite its small piece count.

8. Forest

Step into the captivating world of contemporary with this Jethro Buck's masterpiece. It combines the traditional richness of Indian miniature painting with a modern twist that offers an engaging challenge with its irregular edge and an array of themed whimsies. With its moderate difficulty level, it's the perfect opportunity to appreciate art while enjoying a satisfying puzzle-solving experience.

9. Fisherman Cottage

Discover the vibrant world of American artist Allen Gilbert Cram with this 158-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. Designed by David Figueras, this puzzle features a unique triangular structure and whimsical pieces that match the cheerful seascape. Test your skills with this puzzle, which offers a bit more complexity than your average jigsaw!

10. Squirrels

This wooden jigsaw puzzle showcases Abu al-Hasan's "Squirrels," featuring a creative edge design, traditional puzzle connectors, and whimsical squirrel-shaped pieces. Despite its compact size, it offers a challenging experience that will keep you engaged and entertained. Get ready for some puzzling fun with this one!

11. Farmland

Prepare to brighten up your day with this delightful 154-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle featuring Karla Gerard's vibrant painting "Farmland." Designed by the talented Tara Flannery, it includes a bunch of whimsical pieces that fit the theme perfectly and straightforward edges. It's just the right level of challenge to add a dose of cheerfulness to your puzzle-solving experience!

12. Every Little Thing

This stunning 352-piece artwork by Seattle artist Fred Lisaius is paired with unique two-handed tessellation puzzle pieces by Chandler Millwood and whimsical outdoor adventure pieces by Matt Lyon. The puzzle has a mostly straight edge with playful drop-outs, and its difficulty is moderate.

13. Valley Farms

Showcasing Ross Dickinson's "Valley Farms" artwork, a fusion of natural and urban elements, this puzzle predominantly consists of interlocking tri-hex pieces with intriguingly similar shapes. Alongside these, thematic whimsies add to the moderately challenging experience. This puzzle falls under the "kind of hard" difficulty category.

14. Sunny November

Embrace the challenge presented by Jonik's digital painting titled "Sunny November." Designed by David Figueiras, this puzzle falls into the "moderate difficulty" category, primarily due to subtle and slightly dark color variations. However, it's far from being excessively challenging, thanks to its diverse connectors, neatly defined straight edges, and the addition of charming themed whimsy pieces.




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