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Carpe Noctem Books featured in the Washington Post Book Newsletter

We were excited to see our new private library Carpe Noctem Books featured in last week's Washington Post Book Newsletter!

Here's a quote: Gupta was moved by Steven Pinker’s speculation that novel reading has increased humanity’s empathy and contributed to a decline in violence. “I love that effect,” she says. It would be nice if Carpe Noctem Books could “eke out a profit,” but she says their “first goal is just to do something fun and good for the world.”

Carpe Noctem Books delivers your-choice of top-rated, best-selling hardback and softback books to your mailbox for a $4.99/month membership fee (plus $1.99 in shipping),

Read as fast or slow as you want, then ship-out via your mailbox to get more great books!

Browse the library without logging in. Don't see the book you want? We take requests!

(Carpe Noctem Books is a separate company founded and run by the owners of Artifact Puzzles). 

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