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Better Priority Shipping Options!

You can choose free shipping on any of our puzzles, and get your order in 3-10 days (barring mishaps with the Postal Gods).  OR, you can pay for shipping and get...

You can choose free shipping on any of our puzzles, and get your order in 3-10 days (barring mishaps with the Postal Gods). 

OR, you can pay for shipping and get your puzzles faster. 

Since 2016, we were charging a $17 flat fee for Priority Shipping, and a flat $9 fee for "Expedited" shipping. 

But, USPS has raised shipping prices half-a-dozen times since we set those rates, and since shipping costs depend on the weight of your order, those flat-rate prices were out-of-touch with reality. 

So we've just updated our paid shipping options to be simpler and in many cases, cheaper!

Updated Prices: Now, you can only buy Priority Shipping, and the price will depend on the cost of your order:

  • $8 for orders up to $50 (1 small puzzle)
  • $12 for orders $50-$70  (1 medium puzzle)
  • $15 for orders $70 to $300 (1 big puzzle)
  • $20 for orders $300 to $600 (a lot of puzzles)
  • $25 for orders over $600 (a ton of puzzles)

So if you're just ordering a 200 piece puzzle, priority shipping is now $5 cheaper! Wow! Deflation!

Fast shipping a small Manet Crystal Vase puzzle is now $9 cheaper! Incredible!

If you're ordering a 500 piece puzzle, priority shipping is now $2 cheaper! Go Artifact!

But if you're placing a big order, Priority Shipping is now a bit more expensive, but we were losing a lot of money before fast-shipping 5 puzzles for $17, and you guys don't want us losing money, right? 

How Long Does Priority Shipping Take?

If you choose Priority, we bump your order to the top of our to-do list, and ship it with USPS Priority, UPS 2nd Day Air, or in some cases, UPS 3-day, from our home base in Port Townsend (a ferry-ride across the Salish Sea from Seattle). 

You'll get it (usually, no guarantees):

  • 1-3 days if you are on the West Coast
  • 2-4 days if you are mid-West-y
  • 2-5 days if you are East Coast


What Goes Wrong With Shipping?

We try to hand-off your orders asap to the shipping people (USPS or UPS). 

But the Postal Gods are capricious and work in mysterious ways! 

For example, this June we shipped a dozen puzzles to Anchorage Alaska with USPS Priority from our near-Seattle location, and for some unfathomable reason, the tracking info showed the order in Louisville Kentucky! It arrived in Anchorage 3 days later. No idea what they were thinking.

And then there are the hurricanes, the snow, the flooding, and sudden covid spikes that take out whole post offices!

So sometimes orders take a bit longer than you'd expect.  We will email you the tracking info as soon as we have it. Once we hand it off, we don't have access to any better tracking info than you do. 

Why Does UPS 2-Day Air Sometimes Take 5 Days to Florida?

Usually it'll get there faster, but suppose you place your order on Friday at 4pm, missing our Friday mail pick-up.

And suppose our Saturday folks are out-sick and on vacation.

And the orders piling up over the weekend, the Monday crew doesn't get your order handed-off to UPS until 3pm Monday, flying 2-day Air.

You end up getting it Wednesday 5pm on your doorstep, 5 days later.  


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