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Advice for Newly-weds

Camille and Steve Rutan love to give Artifact puzzles as wedding gifts.

They have been happily-married for 34 years, and their advice to newly-weds is "to keep playing games and doing activities together"!

We'll second that advice! 

In fact, Univ. of Washington psychologist and best-selling author John Gottman is famous for contending that long-term relationships (be they marriages, business partners, or friends) need a ratio of at least 5 positive interactions for every negative interaction in order to last. 

It can be hard to control all the negative interactions in a relationship, but it's easier to bank some positive interactions by having fun together. 

What is great about puzzling together is it's so collaborative, removing the stress of more competitive activities like games, just be sure to pick an image and puzzle design style you both find fun! 

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