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See The Big Short in a Theatre! But Get Your Tickets Ahead of Time

The Big Short is a satisfyingly amusing, but appropriately serious,  movie about the Housing crash of 2008. 

Studded with stars,  compelling acting, and a punchy script.

But, you might ask, is it accurate?  Well as far as condensing that kind of history into 2 hours of  story-telling, from what I've read from the Internet and friends in finance, I think it's sufficiently accurate.  More importantly, it inspired me (and probably others) to finally go read up on the details afterwards, so I think this movie is a big net educational positive. 

Warning: we were shocked at how super-crowded this movie was this weekend. It was more crowded than when we saw the new Star Wars on its opening day. The good news is a lot of movie theatres now let you pre-buy tickets (yea 21st century!).

And this is a great movie to go see with friends and then have dinner afterwards, cause there's lots to talk about.

You might be tempted to wait to see it on video. Don't wait. Go out and see it with the rest of the People - in fact, I encourage you to go on a weekend night when it's crowded - it gives the whole experience a greater sense of community and shared experience, and puts you in the dialog that we should all be having right now about how we keep capitalism working.

Other Warning: There are quite a few of exuberant characters in the movie who cuss a lot. Nothing creative or particularly offensive, just rather a lot of Steve Carrell going "F-you!"  Ok, you've been warned.

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