Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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New Puzzle Sneak-Peaks!

We have two new puzzles in the works which are very nearly ready for you guys. Pretty excited about these two, they're particularly innovative. Lets take a look! The first is a small puzzle of approx 160 pieces of this whimsical art piece by Geoffrey Gersten, titled "In Dreams". It has a very fun piece design of hexagonal pieces and thematic pieces.

The next puzzle which should be available has a fun surprise! This painting by Tomasz Pietrzyk titled "Tall Towers" is full of primary colors and fun characters. It has a very high piece count; over 500 pieces. The shapes are curly and unique, as playful as the painting. This should be available by December 2015.

Geoffrey Gersten, "In Dreams":

Tomasz Pietrzyk, "Tall Towers":

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