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New Website Any Day Now!

This website is (edit: was) powered by Amazon's Webstore software.

But Amazon has decided to cede that business to upstarts like Shopify and Volusion.

So we have been busy packing up all our bits and bytes to digitally move to Shopify.

The magic of the internet is you'll still find us in the same place:

One bad effect is we can't find a way to keep all our customer's product reviews. Right now, if you write a review on our site or on, it shows up in both places.  But with the new site, we'll lose that.

The great news though is Shopify is a platform (uh, like a coral reef) that lets 3rd party developers write all sorts of great apps. So we'll be trying out some new cool apps and hopefully have overall better features on the new website, including some new tool to do reviews, and hopefully better blogging software.

We're trying to move asap while we're still in the puzzle "low season," probably in September.

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