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Results from our Fall Puzzle Survey:

Thanks to everyone who responded to our fall survey on potential puzzles.  We've created a new survey and are looking forward to receiving your opinions. (For those of you who have not done a survey yet, after you buy a puzzle from this website the survey shows up automatically, and you get a chance to tell us which images you like.) The results from the fall 2010 survey showed a lot of excitement for Raoul Dufy's Paris.Unfortunately, our initial two offers to license it from the Dufy estate have been turned down, but we'll keep trying. We also got a lot of positive feedback about Rob Gonsalves Chess Master image, so we are attempting to license it too. Lastly, Hendrick Avercamp's ice-skaters did well; we plan to make that for next winter. The new survey has images from Daniel Merriam, John James Audubon (birds), Scott Campbell, Joe Vaux, a 12th century Chinese painting, and the Carta Marina map. We look forward to your feedback - your input helps us make the puzzles you want.

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