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Flower Children:

We've got our adorable Flower Children puzzle back in-stock to help welcome spring. This is the cute side of "vintage". We have two versions of this puzzle, one with 110 huge pieces for doing with children, and a more adult 510 piece version. It's a nice puzzle to do with kids because they can match pieces by color, and each flower has a poem to read together. Both the kid and adult version have adorable spring-themed whimsy pieces, and even a few tulip-shaped connectors. This puzzle shows 26 of Elizabeth Gordon's flower children illustrations from her 1910 book, along with the corresponding original poems. The book actually has over 80 flower children in it, but we "edited" and picked out the cutest ones. We also organized them alphabetically, and shhh! don't tell anyone, but to get a flower child for each letter, we had to "re-name" a couple of the flowers - see if you can figure out which ones! You can flip through the entire 1910 book free online by going to and put in the search box: flower children Gordon. If you don't know about, it is a big step forward in the preservation and accessibility of the world's knowledge - Google has been going around the world's libraries and digitizing everything, and if it's copyright free you can see all of it online. I have to admit though, I like the feel of carrying and reading real books!

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