Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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New Survey Up, and Old Survey Results

We put up a new survey to get opinions on possible new puzzles (when you buy a puzzle, the survey pops up automatically if you haven't taken it before). The new survey includes: abstract art, Indian miniatures, Joe Vaux, Justin Hillgrove, and painter Kevin Sloane (who is a pop-surrealist mix of artists John James Audobon, Walton Ford, and Martin Heade). 

Thanks to everyone who took the last survey. Many people liked many of the paintings in that survey, in particular, we hope to bring you Merriam's Moon in the next year or so; the Scott Campbell Orchestral-Battle should be available by mid-summer, and you can expect puzzles with the Audobon bird images and the 18th century very-long Chinese painting by next fall. 

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