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New Puzzle! Scott Campbell's Supreme Battle


We recently released a new puzzle Supreme Battle of a  medieval battle scene with orchestra musicians scattered throughout the fray! We asked the artist Scott Campbell to tell us about this work:

Maya: "How did you get the idea for throwing musicians into your battle scene?"

Scott: "I always associate epic battle with epic orchestra music and at the time I was into visiting the symphony. I noticed that oftentimes when the musicians are playing something epic, they are getting super emotional and sweaty as if they themselves were in the battle. I figured a sea of musicians and knights trying to battle with themselves and the music would be a grand spectacle."

Maya: "The way the people are painted has a distinct but familiar feel to it, were you imitating a specific medieval artist?"

Scott: "I was very inspired by Medieval tapestries and paintings. I have always been inspired by Eyvind Earle and his paintings for Disney's Sleeping Beauty."

Click here to see more of Scott Campbell's art.


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