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"What's the Last Time You Did A Jigsaw Puzzle?"

Our friends at art-blog boom just gave away one of our Kozyndan puzzles to their readers. In order to get a chance to win people had to answer the question, "What was the last time you did a jigsaw puzzle?" You can see all the answers (and check out what their newest give-away at boom-give-away, but here were our two favorite answers:

IAN: it was on the airplane the other day with the kid sitting next to me ! (Ahhhh... ain't that sweet!)

SARAH: Seriously hardcore – endless swathes of coal-pitch darkness, occasionally brightened by the odd smudge of yellow serving only to deepen the unmitigating blackness. Next time I’m going with the fluffy bunny. (Yeah, we'd go with the fluffy bunny too)

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