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In Honor of Dora Goldstein, Trailblazer

We meet a lot of great people in this business.  One of them was Dora Goldstein (Dody).  Dody was born in 1922, and in 1945 she was in the first class of women to go to Harvard Medical School. "Well, they ran out of men, you see, because of the war," she told me when we got together to do one of the Parr puzzles in her collection. But I don't think they let Dody into med school because they were out of guys, I think they let her in because she was an extraordinary woman that challenged their assumptions about what women could do. She went on to become a professor of pharmacology at Stanford and a world expert in how the body processes alcohol (and a loving wife and mother of four). We're sad to say that Dody passed away this last week.

We happen to be a women-run company, and we had the good fortune to grow up in a world where it was (mostly) accepted that, "women can do anything." But we know it hasn't always been that way, and we want to thank and celebrate all the women out there who led the way

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