Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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The 7% Difference

We've noticed that some of you buy our puzzles on Amazon. Which is great! But it's even better if you buy our puzzles from this website. The options to you and service is exactly the same - our website and are two UI's (user-interfaces) to the same back-end (that is, the orders are handled exactly the same).

The only difference is one you don't see upfront - a 7% difference in cost (that we pay as a commission to Amazon).  

That 7% difference is money we then can't invest into making cool new puzzles, keeping prices low, and improving quality.

Now we know, sometimes you have a lot of stuff to buy, and it's much more convenient to do it all at once on amazon. But when you can, please buy here, and in return we promise to put that 7% back to work for you.

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