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Tom Kidd's Gnemo and the Craving for Adventure

Tom Kidd is a master illustrator of fantastical alternate worlds.  Recently, he's created a story about a young artist named Gnemo who journeys into a 19th century-ish steampunkish world where airships are the adventurer's choice of transport.  Gnemo works as a naturalist, exploring the world documenting the strange plants and animals. 

Our new Dunne Estates puzzle captures one corner of this world:

"The most fertile farmland on this mostly barren and rocky land is the Dunne Basin.  Located conveniently in the center of the continent it has, with the use of airships to increase trade, developed into a wealthy farming community.  In a world of scarce resources these gentlemen farmers have flourished.  Recently they have been using new farming techniques to expand and cultivated new land once thought to be worthless. Twice a year, after each harvest, they have a great feast, and a celebration of their fortune.  The festival starts at the oldest farm on record, the Dunne Estates." - Tom Kidd


You can check out more art from Gnemo's travels here

Artifact Puzzles - Tom Kidd Dunne Estates Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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