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Rolling Out New Packaging To Keep Small Puzzles Safe


A couple customers have reported that the smaller puzzles shipping in the cardboard boxes can get

their corners dented if shipped with wood box puzzles or just shipped poorly by Amazon.

We looked into a bunch of options, and this is our best solution - we wrap the 

box up tightly in thin corrugated cardboard (pictured below). It's like wrapping it in bubble wrap,

but without all the extra plastic.  


To test this, we put a box wrapped like this in a shipping box with a few heavy wood boxes and 

literally threw it around a few minutes. Came out looking brand-new, we're hopeful this will solve

the problem without adding too much more packaging cost.


All new puzzles will feature this wrapping, but there are already a lot of puzzles in the warehouse that 

we can't add this to - so this change will roll out slowly. 


If you get a puzzle wrapped like this and the box shows any unhappiness, please email us at to let us know.  Thanks!


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