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New Puzzle Update and Puzzles Back In Stock

Fresh and Back In Stock:

Our 152 piece San Francisco Literary Map (pictured below) - A 350 piece version is coming soon!

Georges Seurat's Eiffel Tower

Claude Monet's Summer (L'Ete)


Coming This Week! - Three medium-sized puzzles:

Karen Kunc's Verse From Macrocsmica (a small kind-of-hard one)

Krishna Fighting (a small hard puzzle)

Piet Mondrian  (a small hard puzzle)


Coming Very Soon: 

A 350 piece larger version (with more elaborate Golden Gate Bridge top-edge) of the San Francisco Literary Map

A 72-piece "Big Pieces" version of our Pursuit of Happiness puzzle 

Edmundo Sanchez Unseen

Paul Klee Fish Magic

Nicola Ceccoli Love Will Tear Us Apart

Jan Brueghel's Noah's Ark


Coming Right After That:

Internet Owl Cafe

Van Gogh's Bedroom

Another Paul Klee!

Matte Stephens Central Park 


And what about those Daniel Merriam Puzzles listed in Coming Soon?

People email me all the time about when the new Daniel Merriam puzzles are coming out. We're in final stages of color correction on that, so looks to be another 2 months or so.


What About Everything Else on the Coming Soon List? 

Almost everything on our Coming Soon list will almost-surely be in-stock by Xmas :).

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