Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Fish Magic

We are so excited to finally have our Paul Klee Fish Magic puzzle in stock! We went through almost a dozen testers and designs trying to get this puzzle "just-right". Puzzle artist Maria Berg's done something a little different here - she's shaped the pieces and irregular edge and dropped-out some parts of the painting to give the puzzle a bubbly "fish-magic" feel. 

The heavy black of the image sets the stage for Paul Klee's amazing vibrant colors. Still, be warned that this puzzle looks pretty black and challenging when you spread it out. I loved it - got really engrossed "seeing" Klee's colors as I tried to match pieces up, and I loved how the bubbly organic pieces shapes formed up as I went. Probably not a great puzzle for kids, but if you're a serious puzzler, this is one of those extra-special puzzles I think you'll treasure. 

Artifact Puzzles - Paul Klee Fish Magic Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
Artifact Puzzles - Paul Klee Fish Magic Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
• 254 wooden pieces
• drop-out pieces, irregular edge
• laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
• Made in USA

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