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In Case More of You Are Wondering....

We recently got these comments from customers, which we're replying to publicly in case more of you are wondering the same things:

CUSTOMER: The "See All Puzzles" category should actually include all of the puzzles. We keep finding puzzles in different sections that we had not seen before in other section searches (including in the All Puzzles category).

ARTIFACT PUZZLES: I see your point but we can't change it easily - it's an automated feature that shows "all" the puzzles that are actually in-stock at that moment, and we usually only have around 90% of our puzzles in stock.  In fact, as we get into Xmas season, there's a good chance we're going to be out of stock of a lot of great stuff, and we don't plan to have any sales anytime soon, so if you see something you like in-stock you might want to buy it when you see it.

CUSTOMER: You have a lot of war/death and mystical/fantasy themed puzzles. I find myself watching greedily for options that are not so psychologically "dark."

ARTIFACT PUZZLES: We hear you - we've got some very cheery stuff coming into stock this next month, including 2 new Daniel Merriam puzzles, the new Kevin Sloan with a turtle, and the Internet Owl Cafe. Looking forward, we've lined up 3 super-charming images from Oregon artist-couple APAK, and a darling cheery miniature by Rekunenko, and are working on more spring-cheer puzzles for 2014. Click on Coming Soon at left to see images. 

That said, we also have an amazing but "dark" re-make of the Garden of Earthly Delights by Joe Vaux coming soon, and of course the imminently in-stock Edmundo Sanchez (of Riot Games fame) puzzle has a rather Edward Gorey quality...  

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