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Superhot - Byco: Bridging Design -> Manufacturing -> Online Retail

Very excited about a new New York start-up called Byco - it recently sprouted out of a long-time family textile- manufacturing business, whose next generation realized they could change the world by make getting products from design-to-you much more seamless. 

Designers design (clothes, pillows, hats, whatever)  and then upload the designs to Byco. 

Byco handles all the hassle of making a prototype, and if they think it's awesome, they make a bunch to sell on their website and cut a relatively huge commission back to the designers. 

They've just gotten started so there's still a lot of empty categories (I keep hoping someone will upload the

duvet of my dreams) but you can check out the hip stuff that's already for sale there, or learn more about

how to create your own line of pillows / tuxedos / skirts / etc.  

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