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Interview with Patricio Betteo about Outsider Insider

Our latest puzzle is a challenging but cheerful cut of Patricio Betteo's Outsider Insider (shown below), with mostly abstract pieces but a handful of neighborhood-y themed whimsy pieces, echoing the house in this image's otherwise abstractness. 

Betteo is a Mexican artist; his graphic novel Invisible World (Mundo Invisible) won the Premio Nacional de Novela Gráfica in 2011.

We asked Betteo to tell us more about the image:

"This piece is a mental landscape. It portrays the relationship between the things we see, we smell, we hear, we touch... and the way they inhabit our brain. As a clash between the one truly universal recognizable thing (a home) and the infinite landscape living outside of it. A fun, colorful world, but overwhelming and twisted at the same time. "Outside Insider" also is about the artistic joy of creating a garden of shapes and colors, slowly filling the space with abstraction and, in the very end, standing in the shore of creation and see the result inside. Or is it outside?"  -Patricio Betteo

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