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12th Annual Jigsaw Puzzle Parley in Salem MA Aug 1-3, 2014

The Annual Puzzle Parley is a big friendly event for wooden jigsaw puzzle lovers, focused on hand-cut puzzles.

"This will be an opportunity to bring together people interested in making, collecting, assembling, displaying, discussing, buying and selling puzzles. Everyone interested in jigsaw puzzles, whether young or old, new or veteran, is invited to attend and participate. While Saturday, August 2 will be the focus of the meeting, we have scheduled events on Friday and Sunday as well. As in the past, the room will be "awash" with puzzles, both old and new, many of them for sale. Finally, Salem is a "destination" location with its history as a seaport and whaling town, its witch craze and Witch Museum, the very fine Peabody-Essex Museum, and Hawthorne's "House of Seven Gables". Salem is only 13 miles from Boston and within easy drives of Cape Cod, North and South Shores of Boston, Maine coast, mountains of New Hampshire, and the Berkshires where Tanglewood and other music festivals are located.

The featured Banquet speaker this year will be Steve Richardson, founder and owner of Stave Puzzles, Norwich, VT, who has created some of the most imaginative, challenging and beautiful puzzles in history. Mr. Richardson is the first winner of Spilsbury Award for lifetime achievement in jigsaw puzzles."

For more information visit the Puzzle Parley website at:


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