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Beta-testing "Coming Soon" Puzzles

We just finished beta-testing the new super-cute APAK puzzle, and the new super-hard jaguars puzzle (both pictured below).

The APAK puzzle is just adorable and pops with streaks of fluorescent colors. Maria Berg designed the puzzle with oval pieces (yep, irregular oval-y edge!) and incredibly-huggable whimsy pieces in APAK-style.  I was just dripping oxytocin by the time I finished testing this one out.  We'll have it in stock in mid-March if you need some fresh spring cheer.

The jaguars puzzle is possibly the hardest puzzle we have ever made. It's got plenty of whimsies and distinct connectors and piece shapes, and yet it really challenges your head and color memory as you search for the right shade of blue-swirls and red-accents.  The painting is by Mexican-Seattle artist Alfredo Arreguin, and we went with a Mayan Indian theme for the whimsies. We'll have this one in stock by mid-March too if you're looking for a "puzzle project" that will take at least a weekend if not a month!

What's Coming Next? No promises, but we expect MacKay City, Seurat's Grande Jatte, the First Tiff, and the Pappagalli parrots puzzle to all be in stock in April.  And we're shooting to have the Edward Hopper's NightHawks with a film-noir whimsy theme and the new Kevin Sloan puzzle "Naughty Bird" out in May.

If you see something on our Coming Soon page you wish was coming soon, shoot us an email and we'll try to jack it up our list :). 

And check back in 1-2 weeks for Migration of Knowledge!


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