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Update On When Coming Soon Puzzles Are Actually Coming Out

I admit Coming Soon page is uncommittedly vague about what we'll manage to get in stock when. 

These are estimates, and reality may get in the way:

Within Next 4 Weeks We Should Have In Stock:

Pappagalli Parrots

First Tiff

MacKay City

Edward Hopper's NightHawks

APAK Islands in Space

Mechanical Griffin

Joe Vaux Garden of Earthly Delights

Alice and the Caterpillar (old favorite with crazy edge that we're finally getting back in stock)


Within Next 8 Weeks I Think We Will Have In Stock:

Seurat Grande Jatte

Bruegel Music Room


Next Up After That We Hope To Bring You:

Kevin Sloan's Naughty Bird

Carpet Merchant

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