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Pop-up Pace Art Gallery in Menlo Park in Old Tesla Space

Silicon Valley is such a crazy fast-paced place that I can say "Old Tesla Space" :). 

So the people with the art (e.g. world-famous Pace Gallery) seem to have realized the people with the money are in Silicon Valley, and so they're bringing out the art and are hoping the techies will bring the cash. Pace will be running a "pop-up" (= temporary) gallery in the old Tesla space on El Camino Real in Menlo Park from April 16-April 31. (We laser-cut our puzzles a couple miles from there.)

This follows the big new art show this month "Silicon Valley Contemporary" in San Jose, about which artnet amusingly notes the organizing galleries "...are faced with the tricky challenge of figuring what type of art tech industry people might want to collect." 

Rumor is the Pace Gallery pop-up might have some Alexander Calders. I suspect they'll have some fun contemporary art that will make you giggle and think "Wow, I could buy a Tesla for that price." 

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