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New! "Contemporary Folk Art" now Coming Soon!

Our art selection is a bit haphazard, and certainly biased towards my personal preference for Dutch art like Van Gogh and Mondrian and Bosch, 16th century art like Bosch and Brugels,  imaginative art like Merriam, Vaux and Tyukanov and Sloan, and intricately-painted Indian miniatures.  

As many of you know, after you buy a puzzle on our website you get to take a survey voting on new puzzles. We take those survey results very seriously - your collective lack of enthusiasm has kept us away from brand names like Picasso and Cezanne, and gave us the confidence to invest in lesser-knowns like Nadiezda's Night Ship and Patricio Betteo's Outsider Insider.

Some of you also give us suggestions, which we are very grateful for. (Note: we haven't been able to license Escher, it's not that we don't want to!)  Recently, customer Susan Kaput suggested we offer some contemporary folk art. 

Folk art is usually defined by its artists not being formally trained and painting everyday subjects like village life. I find this definition a bit confusing: to identify these artists by their lack of formal training?

Becoming better acquainted with folk art, I find it's better defined by its use of bright and varied colors, its choice of rural/village-y themes, its lack of emphasis on realism, and its pastoral and exuberantantly cheerful emotional tones.

We're excited to announce expanding our art offering to include some contemporary folk art, starting with these 3 works by Karla Gerard and 1 by Valeriane Le Blonde. We hope to release these starting in June and over the summer, as they seem perfect for doing on the porch with a glass of ice tea or a colorful sangria. (You can see all our upcoming puzzles here.)


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