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Introducing Artist Alfredo Arreguin, "Cat Nap"


"Cat Nap" snippet 2

"Cat Nap" snippetAlfredo Arreguin has an wonderful, detailed style that focuses on color, pattern and natural themes found in Mexican tiles, jewlery and toys. He is 79 years young, with art all over the country. While he was born in Morelia Mexico, he has lived in Seattle WA for 45 years.

We chose one of his pieces, called "Cat Nap" for an extra hard puzzle cut. The cut has a themed cut pattern, which is reflected on either side. The two cuts create a new, symmetrical image when placed next to each other, and the repeating patterns and colors in the artwork work together to truly challenge. This is the kind of art that reveals new surprises the more you look at it.

"Cat Nap" is actually a very large piece of art, five feet high, and eight feet long all together. It took him 12 weeks to complete! Alfredo Arreguín also has a long and distinguished list of accomplishments. Here is a very small sampling of them:

  • 1980, received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship
  • 1988, he was invited to design the Easter egg for the White House
  • 1995, The Ohtli Award, the Mexican government’s highest honor for a civilian living outside of Mexico

We hope to add more examples of this beautiful and incredibly detailed artwork by Mr. Arreguin in the future. Just stunning.


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