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Bikaner Elephants Totally Engrossing

We've been testing 3 new puzzles this week, Bikaner Elephants, Haeckel Jellyfish, and Bill of Rights (all pictured below).

We thought the Bikaner Elephants would be extra-hard because most of the connectors are the same, but it was more engrossing than difficult. Started it with my brother and sister-in-law after the little ones went to bed, and we got totally compulsive and stayed up quite past our bedtime to finish it :) (photo of Bikaner in action below).  Sorry kids for keeping your parents up so late!

Bikaner doesn't actually name the artist - we have no idea who painted it - rather it's a late 17th-century Indian miniature from the kingdom of Bikaner, which is part of the Rajasthan region of India.

The new Bill of Rights puzzle on the other hand turns out to be really really hard.  The connectors are unique and it's got a great set of themed whimsies and a radial hex grid and not really that many pieces, yet somehow it's one of our hardest puzzles ever. 

The Haeckel Jellyfish turns out to be just a little hard and very fun with red and blue crazy ocean-y pieces.  We'll want to make some minor changes, but it should be in stock by September.

Meanwhile, we did finally get Naughty Bird and the new little Karla Gerard puzzle Dusk in stock, and our first Ukranian painting, Rekunenko's Charming Village is on its way into stock. Also, we finally got another batch of the film-noiry Edward Hopper NightHawks cut, so those should be available again soon if you missed the first batch.

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